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Mr. Faris is a remarkable young lawyer at BILAW, whose journey in the legal field began as an intern amidst the challenges of the post-COVID-19 era in 2021. Despite the uncertainties of that time, he embraced the opportunity with unwavering determination and successfully completed his internship. Later, upon graduating from University Sains Islam Malaysia, Mr. Faris rejoined the firm as a chambering student, and his dedication and passion for the law quickly caught the attention of his mentors.


As a student leader during his university years, Mr. Faris had the opportunity to develop invaluable leadership and communication skills. Now, as a mature legal practitioner, he carries that same passion and enthusiasm into his role as an associate at BILAW. His fervent interest lies in litigation, and he excels in providing effective legal solutions to clients. From the very beginning of his career, he has been entrusted with handling heavily contested legal matters, which has given him invaluable hands-on experience in navigating complex legal issues.


Mr. Faris takes immense pride in his work as a litigator, and he approaches each case with meticulous attention to detail. He is driven by a strong desire to secure favorable outcomes for his clients and is dedicated to upholding the firm’s reputation for excellence. With a constant thirst for knowledge and a desire to grow in his legal career, Mr. Faris seeks opportunities to expand his expertise and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those he represents.


As a passionate and resilient young lawyer, Mr. Faris is a valuable asset to BILAW and a reliable ally for clients seeking dedicated representation in litigation matters. His commitment to the law, coupled with his ability to provide strategic advice, make him an exceptional advocate for those who entrust their legal matters to him.

Practice Area

General Civil Litigation
Debt Recovery
Construction Law
Insolvency & Bankruptcy
Employment & Industrial Relations
Probate & Administration
Criminal Defence

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