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Meet Mr. Basharuddin, one of our esteemed partners at BILAW. With an impressive career spanning over 30 years in the finance industry, Mr. Basharuddin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our legal firm. Having worked with Fortune 500 companies, he possesses a deep understanding of the intricate financial complexities that often intertwine with legal matters.


His unique background as a seasoned finance professional combined with his legal acumen, having been enrolled as a lawyer since 2009, sets him apart as a multifaceted legal expert. Mr. Basharuddin’s dual expertise empowers him to approach cases with a strategic perspective, considering both financial implications and legal ramifications.


Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Basharuddin has successfully navigated complex financial disputes, negotiated high-stakes contracts, and provided invaluable counsel to major corporations. His pragmatic approach and ability to anticipate potential challenges make him an invaluable asset to our clients, guiding them through even the most intricate legal matters with confidence.


With Mr. Basharuddin on board, our clients can rest assured that they have a seasoned advocate by their side, one who possesses not only the legal prowess but also the financial savvy to steer them towards favorable outcomes. His passion for delivering results and unwavering dedication to the pursuit of justice makes him an integral part of BILAW family.


Indeed, Mr. Basharuddin’s exceptional expertise and reputation extend beyond his role as a partner at our firm. His extensive experience and profound insights in finance and law have also earned him positions on the boards of various government-related companies.


Serving on the board of government-related companies is a testament to his exemplary leadership and sound decision-making capabilities. It reflects the trust placed in him by governmental bodies to provide strategic guidance and contribute his valuable perspectives to important matters concerning the country’s economic growth and governance.


Mr. Basharuddin’s involvement with government-related companies not only underscores his commitment to public service but also offers our legal firm unique opportunities to understand the intricacies of regulatory frameworks and compliance at the highest levels.


His dual roles as a partner at our firm and a board member in government-related companies synergize seamlessly, allowing him to leverage his financial and legal acumen for the greater benefit of our clients and the community.


With Mr. Basharuddin’s valuable insights and involvement in the governmental sphere, our legal firm is well-positioned to provide clients with comprehensive solutions that take into account both private and public sector dynamics.


If you are seeking comprehensive legal solutions backed by decades of finance and legal expertise, Mr. Basharuddin is ready to guide you through the complexities of your case. His commitment to excellence and personalized approach will make your journey towards justice a seamless and successful one.


Rest assured that when you engage BILAW, you are not only accessing top-notch legal representation but also benefiting from the wealth of knowledge and experience brought forth by individuals like Mr. Basharuddin, who are at the forefront of both the legal and government domains.

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Merger & Acquisition
Syariah Law
Banking & Finance

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